Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review of The Steps

See Haleigh's review of The Steps below.  This has been a popular choice of books in my room for the last few years.  It's one I always recommend.

The Steps by Rachel Cohn
Reviewed by Haleigh Tieken
4 out of 5 stars!

In The Steps, written by Rachel Cohn, Annabel is used to having her dad all to herself, but she is worried when she goes to visit her dad’s “new” family in Australia. When Annabel gets there, the first few days with “the steps” are not going well, and Annabel is ready to go back to New York City. Will Annabel end up liking her step family after all?

I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked reading about a girl my age meeting her step family for the first time. This book brought humor as well as adventure. One of my favorite parts in the book is when Annabel and her step sister, Lucy, were at the park and Annabel met Ben, Lucy’s cousin. I also enjoyed reading how the two step-sisters didn’t like each other at first but started to become pretty good friends.

One of the things that confused me was all of the names of the characters. Also, at the end, the author should have told about Annabel’s trip back home and just a bit more about moving into her other step-family. Likewise, I thought Wheaties wasn’t a very good character and just took up space in the book.

The Steps is a book mainly for girls since it is about things from boy crushes to fighting with your step-sister. If you would like Diary of a Wimpy Kid combined with a girlie novel, then you will love The Steps. It is filled with family, love, humor, and excitement! I guarantee you will love it!

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