Monday, May 23, 2011

Review of Million Dollar Throw

My next book review winner is Tyler Bentley.  See his review below:
Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

Review by Tyler Bentley

4.5 stars for Million Dollar Throw!

In Million Dollar Throw, written by Mike Lupica, 13-year-old quarterback Nate Brodie’s life is about to change. While going to buy an autographed Tim Brady ball, he signs up and wins a chance of a lifetime, to try to throw a football through a football target at a Patriots game for $1,000,000. His family is going through a lot and their house is at risk. Nate knows that this could be his chance to save his home.

This book goes up in my all time favorites. It was amazing because I can relate to Nate’s life. It’s kind of like reading a story written about me. The best part of this book has to be when Nate was on the field about to make the throw of his life time, Tom Brady came out of the locker room to talk to Nate. It’s amazing because Tom could relate to Nate’s situation.

Although I loved this book, there were a few moments I didn’t get. Like the time Nate’s friend Abby was going blind, and 10 pages later she was out on the field playing catch with Nate. Also, this book could have been better if there was a little more action.

The Million Dollar Throw is realistic fiction. It seems so real to me, like it could really happen. I think everybody would enjoy this book because it has something for everybody. I strongly recommend this book to sport lovers. It is a page turner and true to life. Normally, I hate to read, but this book changed that. It even had me at home reading. Truly an amazing book. I give it 4.5 stars.

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