Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a few things . . .

I hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas.  We certainly did in the Dailey household.  Unfortuntately, my son and I both woke up sick on the 26th.  I feel like utter poo and have so much stuff to do that it makes me feel even worse.  Anyways, there's not much going on with me, but here's a few things just in case you're curious:

1.  I got a Kindle for xmas!  Yea!  I love it.  The first book I downloaded was Identical by Ellen Hopkins.  It's the only one of her books that I hadn't read.  I actually have a few real books that I want to read, but I couldn't wait to use my Kindle.

2.  Still can't find a title for FALLEN that we both love.  Since a YA novel just came out titled FALLEN, Staci and I are on the hunt for a new title.  SANCTUM is a front runner but we both keep thinking when we hear the right title, we'll know.  Has yet to happen.

3.  Staci and I haven't written in forever.  Poor STATIC has been waiting around for its authors to get their butts in gear.  Hopefully, we will get back on track soon.  It's just been so busy.

4.  I am so glad that the rush of the holidays is over.  I hope I feel better soon and can actually enjoy what's left of my vaca.

5.  As soon as I finish this post, I am going over to the couch, getting under my new snuggie, and watching Law and Order SVU, which I am currently addicted to :)  I set my DVR to record all episodes and let's just say that SVU comes on a lot!

That's about it.  Feel free to chime in with some title options.  We are open to suggestions! 



Friday, December 4, 2009

Deadlocke and Venomous

I found out some very cool news recently!  One of my all time favorite novels, Venomous by Chris Krovatin, has been turned into a comic book titled Deadlocke, which is on the shelf now, and a screenplay that is in the works.  I read the comic not too long ago, and while I'm definitely not a comicbook person, I really did love it.  Krovatin created an awesomely dark character with Locke, and the reader can't help but sucked into his really screwed-up life.  It was interesting to see the comicbook version of the story.  The creators, Arvid Nelson and Nick Stakal, did and outstanding job. 

About Deadlocke:

In modern-day New York City, a ragtag group of rebellious teens throws its annual raucous Weimar bash filled with debauchery, booze, and bloody knuckles. Going for the first time is Locke Vinetti, a newcomer to this band of bored rich kids--a loner who usually prefers to escape into the world of his alter ego comic book creation, Deadlocke. Under the tutelage of the group's charming but unpredictable ringleader Casey, Locke has learned to express his art, and his angst, in ways he never thought possible. As the violent energy of Deadlocke continues to storm up inside of him, Locke must learn to control his newfound strength at the risk of losing Renee, the darkly beautiful girl of his dreams. Determined to prove that Deadlocke's rage will overpower Locke's love, Casey provokes Locke in a brutal rooftop battle where their lives, and their souls, hang in the balance.
Take a look at what Chris Krovatin has to say about Venomous, the movie, and Deadlocke, the comic.

Happy Holidays!