Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hmmmm . . . what do blog about now

I haven't posted anything in a while,and the only reason I can honestly give is that I have absolutely no idea what to blog about.  The first advice "they" give when you have a novel coming out is to start a blog.  So, check.  Here it is.  But then what?  You don't really have an audience yet.  The only people who actually read this are the few people who care enough to click on the link from Staci and my Facebook fan page.  By the way, if you are reading this, thanks and I love you for being supportive of our little journey.  I asked Staci the other day why she didn't post anything to our blog, and she said because no one reads it.  And I said, well, no one read anyone's blog when they first started out, but everyone had to start from somewhere.  Right? 

I follow a ton of author blogs,and they post cool stuff about their upcoming releases, events, and have contests and such.  Well, that's not really something we can do yet.  So, I did a little research.  I went back to a few authors' blogs from when they just started out.  And they blogged about, well, not much in particular, but they did blog.  There just isn't much going on when your waiting for your first novel to come out. 

So, in case the few of you reading this are wondering, here's what's going on with us:

1.  We are waiting for the first round of edits to come back from our editor for FALLEN, but that won't be until the spring. 
2.  The release day is scheduled for November 2010.  Yea!
3.  We are going to get posters made soon and graciously ask our teacher friends to display them to help get the word out.
4.  We are working on our second novel, STATIC.  We are about 14 or so chapters in, but haven't been able to get together in a few weeks.  Hopefully, we'll get back on track soon.
5.  We do have our website up and running so that's exciting.  Check it out at

Yeah, that's about it.  As for me (Sara), here's what's up with me:
1.  I'm already ready for summertime to come, though I must admit, it's been a much better school year this year than last.  My students are great, and I really can't complain . . . much.
2.  My husband is getting on my nerves.
3.  We got a new puppy.  She is a golden retriever named Belle.  She has finally decided to stop peeing on my carpet and is now going outside or on the puppy pads (which I probably will spend a small fortune on over the next few weeks). 
Here she is:

4.  My son Gavin is the coolest little man on the planet.

5.  I'm reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Born of Night and just can't get into it, which is a bummer because she is my favorite adult author.  I refuse to put it down because I know I will love it eventually. 

Yes, my life is totally exciting.  Thanks friends for reading.




  1. Keep it up - I read every post through my Google-reader!

  2. I read every post, also through my Google Reader AND maybe you could trade your husband for a new SWEET puppy that only pees outside, hee, hee...
    Can't wait for a Advanced Reading Copy---I get the first one, right?!