Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meet Lillian and Paul from Born of Lies

Meet Lillian Michaels. 
One night of freedom from her pack causes her world to flip upside down when she meets Paul Wright. One small encounter will have her questioning the life that had been set out for her, including her commitment to a man she was supposed to love. One lie will set in motion a future she’d never imagined possible and force her to decide between her pack, her family, and the secrets she’s been sworn to keep & finding true love.

Meet Paul Wright. 
Music was his only love until he sees Lillian Michaels in the crowd of a punk rock music festival. From the stage, he watches her until her eyes finally meet his, and right then and there, he vows that he will somehow find a way to make her his. From the moment they meet, he senses she has something to hide, but he refuses to give up. She’s meant for him, and he is willing to risk it all to be with her forever.

Find out how the lies of The Red Ridge Pack began in Born of Lies.
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