Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Born of Lies

Ahhh! Spring Break! A teacher’s favorite part of the year! It’s a time to sit back and read a good, steamy romance, or lay around at the beach soaking in the vitamin D, or … writing a prequel to Pack of Lies! That’s right guys! Sara and I are sequestering ourselves in an undisclosed location for some power writing.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to tell everyone how all the lies began. The prequel will tell the story of Alli & Aiden’s mother, Lillian. You will be there to witness her relationship with the future alpha of the Red Ridge Pack, Marcus Walker, and what happens when she meets the one guy that will change her future forever.

We may not return to school looking well rested or sun-kissed, but we will have one more story ready for everyone to enjoy!

Born of Lies will be available in May 2013 from Boroughs Publishing Group!