Saturday, December 22, 2012

Available on Amazon!!!

Circle of Lies is now available on Amazon.

Here is the link:

We need everyone to help us out!  Follow the link and "like" us on Amazon!  The more likes we get the more Amazon will promote our book.

Thanks so much guys!

Happy Reading!



  1. Just finished it and like the first book in the series loved it. Please say that's book 3 will be right around the corner. When I read the ending I was like nooooo ... are they going to throw down on Christmas??? Hurry, more please.

  2. Thanks Katie! We are working on book 3 and should have it to our publisher by May 1st. Look for it some time this summer. We will have something for you in April though, so be on the lookout!
    **Hint, Hint**
    It could be a prequel!