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Two fabulous reviews for SINFUL!

So far, SINFUL has been reviewed by two book reviewer!  I have added the links below if you prefer to go directly to the reviewers sites, or you can read what I cut and paste below.

Night Owl Reviews - http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Reviews/Kiki-reviews-Sinful-by-Sara-Dailey-and-Staci-Weber.aspx

For the Love of Reading - http://ikissbooks.blogspot.com/2010/11/sinful-by-sara-dailey-and-staci-weber.html

Kiki from Night Owl Reviews gave SINFUL 4 3/4 stars and called it a top pick!  See review below:
High school senior, Elizabeth Carrington always thought that something or someone had reached out to her in the hospital room, the night her mother died. It was almost as if she was being surrounded by comfort and solace. She never forgot that moment and thought back on it often as she began to establish a new life for herself in League City, Texas with her father.
Michael, the angel assigned to bring Elizabeth’s mother over to Heaven, is so touched by Elizabeth’s grief that he reaches out to comfort her. He is puzzled over the way that this young woman seems to affect him; after all, he has taken many people over to Heaven, and seen many grieving family members. No one has ever affected him like Elizabeth has.
Michael cannot seem to stay away from Elizabeth and follows her in spirit in order to remain close to her. Eventually, Michael takes human form and befriends Elizabeth outright. Friendship soon blossoms into something more personal and tender, and they fall in love. The road to happiness is not an easy one though, and they must face a few obstacles. The first and most obvious obstacle is the issue of Michael’s immortality and Elizabeth’s mortality. There is also the matter of Daniel, a hunky fallen angel with a vendetta, who is out to hurt Michael, even if he has to use Elizabeth to do it.
This was a wonderful romantic story about a teenage girl who falls in love with the angel who is watching over her. The theme of good versus evil in this story is an old tried and true one, but it is executed with finesse by the authors, who add twists and turns keeping the story engrossing and fresh.
The characters are well developed and Elizabeth is courageous as well as funny and exasperating at times. Many of her actions drive home the point that she is only a human teenage after all, further highlighting differences between her and Michael. Michael, while appearing pretty much perfect (he is an angel after all!), also shows flaws in his character. These flaws show us that even though he is a celestial being, he is actually far from perfect. He can get jealous, angry or afraid at times just like the next guy. The chemistry between the two is wonderful. They seem to balance each other out perfectly, and together, they are an unbeatable team, creating an atmosphere of love and peace that is all their own.
I really, really enjoyed this book and hated when I got to the last page. I wished the story could have kept going. It is definitely a keeper for all fans of young adult paranormal romance. I know it has earned a permanent home on my eBook reader. So, if you are into stories about tough heroines and hunky angels, both good and bad, then this book should definitely be the top contender for your next read.

Kate from The Love of Reading gave it 4 kisses!  See review below:

First off I want to say thank you so much to both Sara Dailey and Staci Weber for letting my review this book before it comes onto shelves! This book is coming out on November 16th so mark your calenders!
Now for the review. This book was not what I was expecting. I find that more often than not these days books are not what I was expecting, which is not a bad thing. This was a very good book, even if not what I expected. So we start off with our main character Elizabeth whose mom just died and she has to move with in with her estranged dad and start a new school for her senior year, that would really suck. The plot was very fast-paced, at the beginning it seemed a little to fast for me at times. Now I hate it when books go on and on with descriptions about certain things, this book was completely different. Sometimes I feel there just wasn't enough description, since I personally feel when you are new at a place that you pay a lot more attention to things. But it got a lot better as the book went along. Also, sometimes there were scenes that were not really scenes per-say but more of Elizabeth telling you, she was narrating, that so-in-so talked with her about this. Sometimes I really wanted to be around for those scenes, if you know what I mean, I wanted to experience them too. I found that a lot of things got better as the book went on. Back to the plot, it was fast and very straight forward and gets to the point, no useless and taking up space scenes as well as long descriptions, which I had a love hate relationship.
I also really liked the characters. They were very high school characters, which I really liked. What I mean is they are in high school and you can definitely find these people in your own high school, with a little editing of course but it's nice to be able to relate to. I really liked a lot of her friends and her enemies too, that's something Dailey and Weber hit right on the nail, the characters and high school. I really liked that Micheal was different than the normal love interest in a book. He was very kind, sweet, and sensitive. He is definitely not a bad-boy and I surprisingly did not mind, and I love bad-boys. He brought something very different to the book and to the whole YA genre. So I'm very glad he was different. Naturally I also fell in love with the bad guy in the book as well but that's another story. Elizabeth, however, I have to admit that I didn't really like her in the beginning at times. It seemed like she could be a little mean and kind of... not haughty and not judgemental but a little bit in between the two, but thinking about how I would feel in her situation I can empathize with her a lot more. Elizabeth is also independent and can also kick-your butt type of girl, which I also really like. She also speaks her mind, which could explain my feelings about her before, meaning she was just very blunt. Either way I did grow to like Elizabeth. Now the relationship between Micheal and Elizabeth happened really fast for me, it seemed like they saw each other, fell in love, then needed to be together. I just wish it would have been drawn out a little more, not love at first sight. But it was a very sweet relationship and it worked for them. Oh, and this book was really funny. Not constantly, I mean it wasn't a comedy but it had a bunch of parts that made me smile or laugh. Overall it was a fast, easy, and enjoyable/good read, three...well four of my favorite adjectives when reading a book. I'm really looking forward to the next in this new series!

Staci and I are very excited to see some good feedback!  We hope you all read it and enjoy it too.  By the way, if you have ordered our novel already, please be patient.  It should be in your mailbox soon.  Our publisher let us know that there was an issue with the printers, and it got delayed a bit, but don't worry; you should have your book soon!



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