Saturday, October 16, 2010

A New Post is Way Overdue

I have decided that I completely suck at blogging.  Guess it's just not my thing. 

Staci and I are hard at work getting promo items ready for SINFUL's release.  Be looking for details on a book signing soon.  The release is still set for November 16th though that date is still tentative. 

Our second novel STATIC is almost complete and hopefully will be ready for submissions soon.  Very exciting.  Seems like we've been writing it forever, but there is finally an end it in sight.

We did finally get to see exactly what the cover of SINFUL will look like.  Here it is:

Pretty cool!  We are up on our publisher's website at under the coming soon link if you want to take a look!  Also, our website is being redesigned by the fabulous Patrick Golden so by the end of October it should be up and running.  Yay!  It is looking fantastic so far.

Well that's about it.  Be looking for more info soon!  And don't miss out on our book give away.



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