Saturday, September 5, 2009

So much to do, so little time . . .

What I'm doing right now: thinking about vegging out on the couch and watching Heroes Season 3
What I'm listening to: the washing machine go round and round
What I'm reading: Shiver (still!)

So, Staci and I are learning that there is not enough time for all the stuff we need to do.  Here's our little to-do list (and I'm sure I'll forget some stuff because if there is a "real" to-do list some where, I'm not sure where it is):

1.  Website - this has been quite the learning experience; it's a damn shame that one of us isn't a tech-nerd!
2.  Get posters made - we're waiting to receive a high resolution photo of the cover so we get more made
3.  Get bookmarks made - no idea where or how to do this
4.  Find all of our teacher friends and ask them to help us get the word out - in return they will get our undying love, a poster, and some bookmarks

Hmmmm . . . I know there's more.

5.  Oh yeah, make a book trailer - this too should be a learning experience but when I'm done here, I'm headed over to to check out their site
6.  Make friends with every librarian in the greater Houston area :)

Oh, I'm sure there is more.  And this is just the stuff that needs to be done, like, yesterday.  It would be so nice if Staci and I were married to some really rich men, and we didn't have to work.  Hmmmmm . . .

Wish us luck, friends!  Oh yeah, any advice on where and how to get this list accomplished, send our way!!!


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